COVID-19 Updates

Here's a bunch of freeware to help your institution

During this Coronavirus pandemic, iSchoolConnect is out to support the educational community. We are offering essential services free for the next 3 months. And are constantly updating the list of other freeware out there.

Here are some iSchoolConnect essentials that are free of cost for your institution during COVID-19

COVID-19 Chatbot

Our chatbot can answer COVID-19 related queries from students and parents in 18 languages.

The chatbot will also broadcast critical information published by the institution.

Online Proctoring Solution

Conduct online assessment without manual proctoring.

Students have the flexibility of taking exams from their homes.

Lots of free tests available

Enrollment Management Platform

Be ready for all contingencies

Get ready for Fall travel changes and Spring recruitment seamlessly online

Free Integration With Your Your Tools

We understand that you might be overwhelmed with a lot of work trying to get your programs online, training staff and students to get acclimatized to the change. We are offering free integration services during this time.

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